Tailored support for expatriates and their spouse

A successful expatriation should develop the skills and motivations for all participants in the journey:
the employee, the spouse and their family. It will take courage, audacity and lucidity.

  • Understand cultural differences
  • Navigate French institutions
  • Build up your network
  • Re-establish balance in your couple or family
  • Cope with the challenges of expat parenting
  • Design your career plans in accordance with your aspirations and experience
  • Identify your talents and learn how to market them
  • Take steps to develop new professional opportunities
  • Receive insight and gain greater self-awareness of what makes you ‘tick’

Leverage your Expat Experience


International mobility is a fantastic journey, but expats and impats are exposed to volatility, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity.


It’s a local concept aiming to help international employees and their spouse to reajust in their social, cultural and professional development.


All the expats, impats and all “lost in translation” who want to turn this stay in France into a wonderful and successful opportunity